Willing Experience

October 23, 2005

I hear you panting and I come up the stairs. You’re talking to someone and Dad thinks
you’re hallucinating.

I need to love,
but you have loved so much.

I need to go through this experience.
If only you could tell me how to help.

I am tired and I am leaving.
I stand by the door, my palms pressed against the wall since I can’t cling to you.

I get Dad and he holds your hand.
He tells you to stop talking and go to sleep.

I need to go through this experience.
Do you understand?

Yes, he says. Tomorrow is your birthday. Now get some sleep and we’ll wake up together in the morning.

1:00 a.m.
Your re-birthday.
You willed yourself out of your body.
A free spirit can only lye down for so long.

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